Wishes For Marriage

heartsThere is nothing beautiful on your wedding day than to have your friends give you their wishes for marriage. This is such wonderful to remember with and fonder upon with complete sentiment after years of being married. That is why if you have friends that are getting married soon enough you’re one of their guests; you should give one good wish for them to have on their wedding day and the rest of their lives together.

This is important because giving them your good luck wishes; happiness wishes and blessings would stand as their starting point of living together being bonded by God in the holy matrimony. This will also serve as your advices for them, your guidance and way to show that you cared. Somehow the best wishes for marriage to say are those that would mean so much and has a little humor on it.

Some of the common and simple wishes that are used by people are wishes like these, “Grace and remembrance be to you both.” and “May God bless you on your wedding day! “. These are simple but yet very touching for couples who just got wed under the holy matrimony and will be reminiscing about it even after such a long time of being married.

Marriages get’s rocky and would lead both couples to obstacles and consequences that made them think that getting married is not the best thing to do. But with their friends giving out their wishes for marriage whole heartedly and their parents giving them the blessings they deserved, all will always be well and the married couple always sees through their bad times.

Wedding is a very sacred and blessed event. On your wedding ceremony I pray it provide you happiness of all worlds. Wishing you a very happy Marriage Day! ”. This is by far one of your possible options to choose. This is one of those famous wishes that most people gets their ideas from. ” From this day God has given you another shoulder to support you. May your mutual love take you to the heights of successes! Happy wedding day! ” and this one is for those that hoped for their friends to have a very blessed wedding and a prosperous new married life.

If you only know what are the right wishes for marriage then you are saved from being wished dumb on your friend’s wedding day. This is one of the amazing things that you can give them during their special day. So you need to think about it and start making one to touch their hearts and inspire them. Everybody have always something valuable to say, and this is the right time to brain storm or heart storm for heartfelt wishes.

If a friend of mine will get married, then this one goes for them, “Your personality is already too much polite and when love touches it, it seems more cute and lovable. May you lead a beautiful married life! Happy wedding day! ” and for those people that just got married then this one is for you “Being husband and wife is one of the strongest and lovely relation on earth. And without this sacred relation – no one is complete. Happy Wedding Day!

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